"Hassel Field"
In 1928, pilots B.R.J "Fish" Hassel and Parker "Shorty" Cramer,  planned a flight from
Rockford, Illinois to Stockholm, Sweden, in their Stinson Detroiter Monoplane. After a 20
hours flight,  fuel stop was planned for Sondre Stromfjord. A suitable landing strip was
marked a few hundred yards north-west of the current threshold of runway 10. Fuel was to be
supplied by Professor Hobbs, who was on a scientific expedition in the area. Hassel and
Cramer, however, were forced to emergency land at "Sukkertoppen isblink".

In 1989, jerry-cans and other traces of the 1928 landing attempt, could still be found at the
never used designated landing strip. In september of 1989, Peter Bjerre and Steen Malmquist
decided to attempt a  landing at the site in a PA18, 61 years later.
Peter Bjerre and Steen Malmquist after the successful landing at
"Hassel Field" 16 september 1989 - 61 years after..
"Cleared to land"
The Stinson Monoplane would have appeared much like on the
photo above, had it arrived Sondrestrom in 1928.  But this is Peter
Bjerre and Steen Malmquist in a PA18 on final approach to
"Hassel Field", 61 years later..
September 1990: Battery box anno 1928 on the ground at Hassel Field.
The original content of this fuel can was awaiting the arrival of
Hassel and Cramer in 1928 - When found in the late 1980's, the
only content was dust and sand.
Steen Malmquist at "Hassel Field"
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Fact: Years later, two mountains were named after Hassel and Cramer, "Mount
Hassel" is the mountain north of the field behind the shop "Butikken" and "Blok J" .
"Mount Cramer" is further east, north of and along the road to "Sugar Loaf" mountain.
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