Willie The Musk Ox - A legend.
Willie (originally named "Marius" by
danish biologists) was one of the
original musk oxen transferred from
north-east Greenland via Denmark,
to Sondre Stromfjord.

Years later, in 1969, the musk ox
became a regular visitor at
Sondrestrom, and was named Willie.

At first, "Willie the Musk Ox" was
gently, but firmly "towed" away to
the other side of Watson river, in the
hope that he would not dare to cross
the bridge over Watson river.

The next day, however, the grumpy
old ox was back in town.

Kurt Kristensen was there, and he
filmed the somewhat reluctant
musk-ox being captured and towed.
It is obvious in the movie clip, that
Willie is used to be amongst
humans, however, even a musk ox
has his limits. Press the following
link to watch:
Willie Movie Clip
"The old home town still looks the same, as I stumbled from the plane,
there to meet me, is the colonel and the sheriff.
Down the road I look and here comes Willlie, looking horny, and acting silly,
It's good to touch the green, green sand of home."
If you would like to listen to this unique song
Henning Jensen and Steen Malmquist while moving
Willie to the south side of Watson River, 1969
Country & Western singer Al Perry, an NCO club regular, wrote the song "Willlie
the Musk Ox". The lyrics in the first verse, were based on the song "Green, green
grass of home":
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Apart from the legend, all there is left of
Willie the Musk Ox, is this rock, "Wiley's Pet

Willie probably scratched his back on this

Here I am, next to his "pet rock" in july 2004,
remembering Willie in 1969 when I was four
years old, living in Søndre Strømfjord, at "the
civilian side".

Willie was one of the original 27 Musk Oxen
transferred to the Sondrestrom area.

-Today, decades later, they have  multiplied
into thousands. I am sure, however, that they
all carry just a little bit of Willie in them, in
their genes.

A truely successful project, masterminded by
dr. phil., zoologist  Christian Vibe (1913-1998)
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